Northern Knits

Posted on Mar 18, 2010 in What's New

In her latest book Lucinda Guy explores the knitting traditions of Scandinavia, Iceland and the Shetland Isles. Throughout this inspiring book, Lucinda reveals the rich beauty of Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Shetland folk motifs and traditions in 20 gorgeous women’s clothing and accessories projects.

From knitting in the round and twined knitting to embroidery and embellishments, each stunning project embraces the traditional techniques that knitters have treasured through the years.

Lucinda notes, “The designs in Northern Knits, all of which are knitted in woolen yarns unique to each country, are knitted in true handicraft fashion. Each project is not only inspired directly from the past but also includes elements from a rich heritage of folk art to create something new and contemporary.”

Including soft pullovers, sweet shawls, warm mittens, adorable totes, cozy socks, and much more, this treasure trove of projects bridges traditional style with contemporary touches.

Featuring a detailed introduction into each region’s knitting traditions, Northern Knits gives you a powerful context for the timeless garments, breathtaking landscapes, and pure wool yarns that inspired Lucinda’s collection.