The Fiber Gallery is thrilled to announce that CustomFit is here!

CustomFit makes custom patterns for hand-knit sweaters. It takes your choices, your body, and your hand-knit fabric and produces a pattern perfectly suited to you. Design and fit expertise are built in, so you get to make all the fun choices (“I want a long-sleeved scoop-neck!”) without worrying about the hard ones (“How much ease do I need in my waist?”) CustomFit builds a pattern that fits beautifully from hem to neck, and everywhere in between.

It works like this: we take your measurements (just once), you knit a swatch so that we can customize the pattern to your gauge, and then you choose your sweater elements (style, neckline, sleeve style, edgings, etc.). We take that information and create a pattern that is perfect for you. Your measurements are saved forever, so your second sweater is even easier!

You’ll start with your own 20-minute personal CustomFit appointment. We will take your measurements, then look at yarn and design choices. Once your swatch is complete, bring it back and we’ll create your custom pattern.

Personal appointments are $25. Please call us at 206-706-4197 to schedule.