Sale of the Week

Posted on Aug 5, 2011 in Weekly Sale

Last fall, when More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts was released. We were very pleased to be able to offer Nature’s Palette Thick/Thin Bulky, the yarn used for the charming elf hat on the book’s cover. Hand Jive, the company that made the yarn, closed its doors shortly after the release of the book and many customers have come looking for a substitute yarn. And while there are many other excellent bulky yarns none had a comparable softness and texture to the original. Until now.

Habu has introduced Soft Wool Slub. We have been in contact with the maker of the original yarn and have been assured that Soft Wool Slub is the very same yarn, coming from the same mill! You really need to handle it yourself to believe the buttery softness of this wool. There still is truly no other yarn quite like it.

Soft Wool Slub is 15% off through September 11.