A Note on Charity Knitting

Posted on Jun 4, 2011 in Charity

Patty Cogen is one of our most devoted customers. Several years ago she came to us asking if she could organize a charity knitting (or crocheting) group to come meet at the shop on Thursdays from noon to 2 p.m. We said sure and the group has become a fixture at the shop.

Here is a note from Patty about her experience knitting for charity.

Hi, I’m Patty and I’ve made so many top-down sweaters that my name on Ravelry is Topdownsweatrgirl. I decided to knit for charity for two reasons:

First, everyone in my family has enough sweaters for several life times; and two, I can try out new patterns and not worry about the size being right for a specific
person. Any size sweater is great for someone who needs it.

I started the Thursday afternoon charity knit session at Fiber Gallery and the conversation has kept me coming back. Customers have been found eavesdropping on the charity knitting group. Some days it’s comedy, other days it’s tragedy–whatever is discussed is always interesting or from a unique point of view. Oh, yeah, we also knit for charity.

We started knitting sweaters for homeless teens who were moving into transitional housing with their parents. After that we knit hats for premie babies–those knit up in a flick of an eye.

Next we did a bunch of hats for one of the First People’s Nation that one of our knitters was involved with. It seems that everyone has a different charity and we rotate knitting for them. But don’t think of this group as rigid. You can knit any darn thing you want in this group–sometimes I’m the only one knitting for charity, but I get lots of company from those who are knitting a new lace shawl for themselves, a outfit for their husband’s friend’s son’s new baby, or a pair of fingerless gloves for mom’s 80th birthday.

Come join us, join the conversation, and if you feel like it, make a premie hat.