Dyeing as if the Earth Mattered

Posted on Apr 21, 2011 in Classes, Dyeing

The Fiber Gallery and Earthues are collaborating once again to offer yet another colorful workshop experience at the Earthues studio in Ballard.

There are two phases to this workshop. We will be dyeing three types of yarns using two-dye combinations in each of four dye baths. We will be using plant dye extracts in their powdered form. The extracts make it easier to combine dyes to create unique color mixtures not readily available in the marketplace. We will mix two dye extract combinations into each of four dye kettles to create exotic colors on a variety of yarn types. Some of the combinations include: Osage orange (golden-yellow) combined with Logwood (warm grey) to create a soft green; Lac (umbered red) combined with Weld (acid yellow) to create a spicy orange; Cochineal (clear blue-based red) combined with cream of tartar to create a brilliant vermilion; and Logwood Purple (bright red-purple) combined with Madder (rich orange red) to create a unique red-purple

The second segment of the workshop will include a brief introduction to indigo dyeing. Everyone will have an opportunity to dip their skeins of yarn into the blues! Complete written instructions in the form of a notebook will be provided as well as a brief lecture and demonstration of the indigo process.

The class will be held on Saturday , June 18 from 9 to 6 at the Earthues dye studio in Ballard, 5129 Ballard Ave NW. The class fee is $185 and includes all materials. Please call us at (206)706-4197 to register.