Seattle Bag Fees

Posted on Jun 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

On July 1, Seattle’s new bag ordinance will go into effect, changing the way retailers do business. Like every other store, we will be prohibited from giving out thin plastic bags and we must charge 5 cents for large paper bags.

The good news is that we anticipated the change months ago and switched to thicker plastic bags that are considered reusable and are legal to give out. These bags are big enough for most purchases. And we know that many of you already bring your own bags to shop with. We hope you’ll continue to do so.

However, for those extra-large purchases (you know, the ones that you sneak into the house and hide from your significant other) we may occasionally have to charge you the nickel for a big paper carrier. We hope you understand that we’re just complying with the law, and that the end goal is keep the environment a little more healthy.