Knit Local

Posted on Nov 12, 2009 in Yarn

You’ve probably heard of the movement to eat local. What about knitting local?

We are very pleased to carry yarns from Lollipop Cabin. Each skein of Lollipop Merino Superwash and Organic Sock is hand-dyed nearby in small cabin in the Cascade Mountains.

The Organic Sock is also local wool. Lollipop Cabin uses a blend of Leicester, Romney, Black Welsh Mountain and Romanov breeds that are raised nearby and has it combined and spun into an earthy, hearty single yarn.

All the yarn is dyed using collected rain water and the cabin itself is built from recycled materials. Though colorful, this yarn is really “green.”


One Comment

  1. I found a pink/orange/purple skein and I am knitting up a doll for my daughter… this stuff is so cool!